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Welcome to the official Skip’s Concrete Construction website in Prospect, KY. Experts at installing concrete driveways, courtyards, and walkways. Our company also constructs retaining walls for residential and commercial properties. Snow and melting ice. Available in the winter months.

Besides, we are experts in faux inlaid stone, better known as stamped concrete. See our photo galleries of our finished projects. For your convenience, we have labeled each gallery. We specialize in brushed finish or exposed aggregate concrete. Whichever variant you choose, you will love your new concrete for life.

One of the best characteristics of concrete is its ability to take many shapes and designs. Thus, formwork is one of the positions or responsibilities of concrete construction. Today, there are several creations to formwork. This example is prefabrication, creating formwork less intensive, less costly, and less wasteful.

Making the shapes and designs, the client prefers. Formwork is essential to create the mold needed for concrete placement. This method keeps the concrete in position while the mix hardens. Then, based on how the concrete will be used, we determine how the shapes and forms can be shaped using plastic, metal, or wood.

Skip Whitaker

Skip’s Concrete Construction is a concrete company in Prospect, KY. We are specially qualified and experienced in toiling concrete at different stages. We are a certified concrete construction company that can create elaborate designs. Techniques and projects using our familiarity and experience are paramount! So, our clients can choose to have personalized layout features for their properties.

We use our skills, methods, and knowledge to achieve the best concrete surface. Moreover, our concrete experts can conduct their tasks efficiently with technological tools. As a result, our qualified concrete tradespeople deliver projects of the most high quality. Structural standards and customer fulfillment throughout the project are our number one focus. We also guarantee that our client’s expectations are fulfilled throughout the operation! Do you require more clarification, please do not hesitate to ask us?