Broom finish concrete

Broom finish concrete is a durable solid material. Which can add an artful addition to your home’s exterior for years to come. Our concrete skilled tradesmen are experts at producing a professional broom finish. Poured concrete textured with a stiff bristle broom. Producing a rougher surface compared to smooth finished concrete. Brushed concrete is also one of the most inexpensive choices, so it’s a great choice if you’re on a budget.

Residential and commercial property owners enjoy this type of finish. We ensure the durability of this product by using 4000 p.s.i. strength concrete mix. Completely cured concrete is white to light gray but, we offer a wide variety of more colors. This process is a low maintenance, durable finish. The cost for the average driveway is your least expensive option.

Our skilled tradesmen are experts in engineering construction projects. They’re trained for setting forms and insuring they are correct in depth and pitch. Implementing professional spreading techniques. Using top grade tools, rakes, shovels, and pumps. Long handled bull or power floats. Hand trowels for hard to reach areas. We are thorough when we chamfer the edges to reinforce them from chipping.

The basics of creating a brushed finish concrete surface is simple. Broom finished concrete isn’t that different from sweeping the floor with a broom. The contractor pushes or pulls the broom through the concrete while the pour is still soft. Yet, the final appearance can vary depending on the velocity of tradesman.

There are two types of brooms—those made of horsehair and those made of synthetic nylon. The brushes are available in manual or push versions. Horsehair brooms produce a smoother texture than the synthetic type. Brushes are made in different lengths. Giving the contractor the flexibility to create a different look.

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